Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Mix of fun and creativity!

Today I planned a morning craft and an after nap craft. The morning one, we made a shape pizza! this was a lot of fun and was found at No Time for Flashcards. I don't know if I can say this enough, but this blog is AMAZING! i chose a spin off of her idea. Instead of coloring the pieces, I cut the shapes from construction paper. the 'crust' was a circle I cut from a cereal box. I cut cheese, onion,green peper, pepperoni, sausage,and sauce. Circles,squares,and rectangles. Colton had fun gluing the pieces on and it looked almost good enough to eat. However, I forgot when I was at the store last weekend to grab some goodies to make our own real pizzas. O well.

1. cut a 'circle'  I used a cereal box

2. gue on the circle sauce and rectangle cheese

3. glue on square onions and also the rest of your toppings

4. lastly, glue your circle pepperonis on

5. Have your little chef show off his/her master piece!
The activity I chose after nap was introducing a new fun art technique to Colton. I may not be the best artist, or really that good at drawing or painting, but I still enjoy it a lot. I get lost at the art museums and just love staring and creating my own works. So, with it being 'P' week. I showed Colton pointilism. I went online and had some pictures up of Seurat the famous painter's works. I wanted to create our own Seurat works of art.
A few weeks ago when i was at the Dollar Store I picked up some markers. They are metallic and the package said that they work best on black paper. They were $1.50 and I must say am really super impressed! They glide so smooth  and are almost like a soft crayon. I gave him a sheet and let him go buck wild. I also grabbed a sheet and started doing an ocean scene out of dots. Colton noticed and wanted to do it to. So he added in his  dots...I then noticed there was a box of colored chalk in my mom's lazy susan on the table. So of course we had to make some dot artwork to add to our pictures!

Look these up!!! They are AMAZING!!!
Well, this was the ocean but Colton added some fun dots too!
Colton's fun picture

Our day was ultimately a fun one and the pictures and art were so fun! Tomorrow continues with a transformation letter! Pretty excited! Hope you all enjoyed your day!


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