Monday, January 17, 2011


                                               I AM A CLOTH DIAPERING MAMA!
WOW I never thought someone could get so excited to change a diaper or do a load of dirty dipes. I have to share how eaily excited I get about things. Something as simple as the alphabet I have been doing with Colton when a certain letter is reached I get excited about all the fun I have planned for that week. Yes, my life isn't that eventful but it is the simple things right? Well Colton won't be cloth diapering much since we are potty training as well. He was doing REALLY good on the potty and with the holidays and being busy I was the slacker. One of my resolutions for this year was being frugal/thrifty not because we need too, but because I want to.
Okay, so about the diapers. I chose to do a cheaper version. Prefolds and a cover. For the prefolds, I chose the Chinese prefolds. I also bought Blueberry coverall covers. Then I also bought what are called Snappis; they are to hold the prefold together like a diaper inside the cover. I did my research and read reviews on MANY sites. I also talked with a lady who helped me answer all my questions. Plus, my husband was all about it! can you believe that? Well, I can't. O and about the cover, I chose snaps and a one size. Day 1 was yesterday and between the first and the last change I improved and did what was right for me. Today was also amazing, I have never been as excited to change a diaper in all my life! Today I also washed them. I did a rinse cycle on the 'dirty' ones and then added the rest to a normal cycle with detergeant. They came out clean! There is NO sign of them being 'dirtied' on. I am WAY impressed and will continue to with my children and let everyone know this IS the way to go!

If you would like information feel free to ask. I also take ideas and opinions too!



I've thought about buying some cloth diapers but have heard stories about them leaking a lot. Also, what about the pins? They freak me out lol.

**Ashley P**

No, the ones I have don't leak. If you notice that your child is leaking, then either add another prefold diaper without folding it like a diaper and the covers also help hold in everything too. The pins you can buy, but I don't use them, they are more of the 'old skool' way. I use snappis, they have little claws to hold the diaper together. If you want more info let me know, I can email you the sites I went to.


We have been Cloth diapering since my 2 yr old was weeks old. We love it!! I have every kind of diaper (I swear I have an addiction) I have never tried prefolds though. Right now we use a lot of pocket diapers but when he was smaller we used a lot of all in ones. I have never been big on the one size and we bought sized diapers (more expensive but when they are tiny it is nice to have a tiny diaper) We switch things up though and use all different diapers throughout the day. My husband was the one who brought it up originally when I was pregnant and we went for it when our son was a couple weeks old but our next one will be cloth from birth :)

So glad you are liking it :)

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