Sunday, January 30, 2011


So yesterday I did not post. I apologize. My best friend and practically sister went with Colton and I to Snowfest! I must say yesterday was crowded beyond belief but we always manage to have so much fun. Snowfest I am sure some of you closer to the Michigan are have heard of it. Frankenmuth always has a festical of some sort every season. Well, winter season is just as exciting as the others. People from the Netherlands,Canada, Mexico, and other countries and states come to carve HUGE snow sculptures as well as ice sculptures too. Not only are the carvers from all over the world, but so are the people who come to look. The sculptures are truly a work of art. The detail that is put into them and just how big they are is a wow factor.
We did not make it very far to see some of them because of the mobs of people. Watching those NewYork movies seeing when people cross how you can easily get lost is EXACTLY how we felt yesterday the WHOLE time. Finding a parking spot wasn't so difficult knowing the town like the back of my hand, but the crowds was what we had to face. So, no more anticipation but here are some pictures of the sculptures, enjoy!

Won 1st place...amazing!

This one is HUGE!! and so detailed!

This was a U.S carved, I thought it was very cool!

He has a coat on...his jersey is on over top.


So that was our fun Saturday afternoon! Hope you all had a great day and weekend for that matter! What all did you do?


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