Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Snow fun!

One morning I woke up to TONS of snow and it had been so cold last week that I just couldn't seem to bundle us up and go out to play in it. So we got to this weekend and boy o boy was it something we both needed! After being cooped up in the house for so long, to be able to blow off some steam was just so nice. Running, screaming, discovering, and laughing while playing in the fluffy white stuff was just what this momma and little boy needed. We had so much fun. I filled up an empty Dawn bottle with water and food coloring and another water bottle with water and food coloring and we went out nd even painted the snow. However, next time I will use the primary colors. Neon didn't show up as well. Colton still had fun figuring it out how to squirt it out and figure out that snow can turn colors. Tomorrow we are suppose to have a HUGE blizzard and so by Wednesday some cities will get 12in of snow, but I think where I live we will get maybe 4-8. Still, a lot of snow so hot chocolate,sledding, painting, and tag is where you will find us. Here are some of our snow day fun pictures!
I finally remembered to try out some new filters my husband bought me for my Nikon friend and boy I had a blast just taking pics to see what each one did.

Some of our painting we did

Little kitten who lost his mitten

playing tag


venturing on his own

licking up the snow...from his hat
The filters were so much fun to play around with and to see the difference each one makes. I love that a camera can take such great pictures and you do not need to spend a lot of time editing. About 90% pics I take are not edited and none have been here unless I stated. Hope you all enjoy the weather where you live!


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