Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today was all about Penguins! I had a few crafts and they all turned out exactly like I was hoping! That doesn't happen all the time, but it sure did today!
Last night before Colton's bath I painted one foot at a time black and made his print on a sheet of white paper I cut in half. So today we I finished them. This was definitely an adult project or an older child one. So I painted part of the inside white and left about an inch or half of black. I added googly eyes and drew an orange triangle nose after the paint dried. I found the idea at meet the Dubiens.

I chose both feet and will frame or laminate them later
The next craft was using some foam. foam is definitley fun stuff to work with. I cut a black shape, a smaller white shape, black eyes, an orange triangle nose,and orange feet. Colton did the gluing. I put the glue on the spots and he stuck the shapes on. I love that he put the penguin together correctly too.

penguin cuties
The last craft I decided to do today was a construction paper penguin. I cut a black shape, a white middle, googly eyes, an orange beak and feet and colton glued it on the construction paper and I gave him markers and he went to town. He decided to draw around the penguin, which I thought was really cute. I found the idea at  No Time for Flashcards. I chose a spin off idea. But it turned out so cute that I will laminate it for something...

I think it turned out super cute.

It reminds me of Perry from Phineas and Ferb...
So that was our fun. After lunch and a nap I showed him pictures online and the penguins home. I also showed him how some live in warm climates too. It was a alot of fun and before bed we finished with the movie Happy Feet. What did you all do today? Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings!


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