Friday, January 14, 2011


Fridays are normally anything goes type of days. I was planning on painting today but instead decided to make cookies, number style! Colton loves the kitchen so much whenever I or grandma is in there he has to be as well. He pushes the kitchen chair to the counter and stands up ready to help! Of course I let him. He pours,stirs,and even uses the mixer (of course with adult supervision). Today was special and let him in on rolling out the dough and using his number cookie cutters too. We both were all smiles and there was a link missing and it was daddy. But soon he will be home and we can enjoy these things as a family. While I was making the frosting, which I am a failure at finding the worst recipes for how I want it to turn out like. While i decided to just put it in the refridgerator and see any improvements I found a new recipe for chocolate playdough. Well, it turned out sticky but I said heck why not? So I let him dig in it and discover some new found fun while I frosted the cookies. Once the frosting was on and we tasted a cookie, to me the frosting tasted like a form of marshmallow fluff just not so fluffy.

Magic frosting (use electric beater)
1c sugar  5tbsp cold water  1/4tsp cream of tartar  1/4tsp salt  1tsp vanilla  2 unbeaten egg whites
Mix sugar, salt, cream of tartar, and water in saucepan. Stir and bring to full rolling boil over a moderate flame. Place egg whites in small mixer bowl. Do not beat. Pour syrup over slowly over eggwhite beating at high speed until all syrup has been added. Reduce speed to medium. Add vanilla and beat until mixture is of spreading consistancy.

So that was our Friday, add in coloring,trains,chasing,and laughter and our day was summed up! How was your Friday? And do you have anything planned for the weekend? I would love to hear!


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Cute cute - we love trains and cookies around here too. I am following you back.

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