Friday, January 7, 2011

Mittens and Moose!

Winter in Michigan this year has been an easy one. I say easy because we haven't had as much snow *knock on wood* but it has been snowing here and there everyday. We love watching it fall as much as being out playing in it. Maybe I should have not been so lazy and bundled him up but dressing a toddler and a mommy for snow play is a lot of work. I of course am that person that when you get dressed you have to use the restroom. Well today I ecided to do some crafts since we really have not done too many this week. Mittens and Moose it was!
For the mittens I free handed a mitten on a sheet of construction paper and cut out 2 at once. I punched a hole in the bottom and tied a piece of yarn on both ends and let Colton have at it! I brought out some wintry foam shapes and let him stick them where desired. His new favorite is stickers and does AMAZING with them and actually keeps them on he craft he does, not ever himself! Colton decided on Sesame Street ones and I was happy knwing there are 'monsters' on there....a good M word for the Mittens. While it dried I draw antlers from brown construction paper and a head and Colton stuck a nose and some oogly eyes on him. We could have had a story time this week but I haev begun packing to leave and most of his books are packed, the one famouse If you Give a Moose a Muffin. But o well.
See how cute nad unique? (He needs a haircut, but we are trying to wait for daddy)
His cute moose
We had a very fun Friday and played with trains and k'nex creating and using our imaginations. It was a lot of fun and enjoyed pizza tonight as well. Hope you all had a Fantabulous Friday with your Rays of Sunshine!


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