Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am FAR from being computer savvy. I have been searching and researching about the whole button thing and FINALLY since I am extremely happy with my blog look, decided to look more into it. This morning has been intense with A LOT of trial and errors, but I figured it out and some websites I used was picnik to create text for my button. And just so happened Real Mom Reviews decided to show how to post it to your blog. I was ecstatic since this is something I have been searching for and all that. It definitely makes my life easier. She makes it sound so easy but idiot me took a little longer to figure out to put your blog URL and Image URL in the code lol. Yeah, I told you I am not computer savvy. Then, had to crop my header I copy and pasted. I couldn't figure out how to get it to where I could see the cropped area. Well, I just saved what I cropped from photobucket and went back in there and edited the size. VOILA! I have a button!!! It took me at LEAST an 1 1/2 to do everything. Which, I must say, isn't so bad for someone like me! HA! I'm sure my husband will be proud I figured this out. He knows the ins and outs (the guts) of a computer, but his wife had to show him how to use a myspace (when it was cool)! We both do learn new things everyday!
Now, I am going to make some lunch and give Colton a nap so I can get my sweat on! Have a terrific Sunday!


Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy

It must be a BUTTON kind of day lol...Kim from just did hers and I have been struggling ALL day to do one...I have the design done now I just need to figure out how to get it on my page and linking back to me :o I am computer illiterate. So hopefully I can read the tutorial you linked and make some sense of it. thanks

**Ashley P**

If you need help, let me know! I am another computer illiterate person as well!!


i do need help with a button.
new follower. would appreciate any advise!


YAY !!!! Thanks!!! I did it!! I have a button... whew..

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