Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our New Years Celebration!

Having a toddler is difficult when it comes to the staying awake until midnight. I was not going or would ever let him stay awake until I knew he would sleep later at the very least. Bidding farewell to 2010 was definitely a deserving celebration knowing 2011 will be better. At noon when the clock struck 12 decided to ring it in. We first made a tambourine type of noisemaker. The directions called for paper plates but we didn't have any but what we did have was cereal boxes. I cut a circle out and punched holes around and tied jingle bells in them and had Colton color it. I love how it turned out and so does he. Another craft we did was make a shaker with white beans. I took another cereal box cut a side out and folded it and stapled it. Filled with white beans and glued pompoms on it and of course glitter too! Then with all the boxes we have, we made a time capsule to open New Years Eve 2011. I am excited Colton put in what he wanted and I added some what nots and a note. I am very excited to open it and make one every year. I taped white paper on outside of box and had Colton decorate it. Later in the evening we were bored so we decided to make cookies, 2011 style. My awesome husband bought alphabet and number cookie cutters for us so of course 2011 cookies had to be made! I made homemade icing and added too much milk but the cookies are still good however. I couldn't believe I stayed up until midnight, but I did and all I thought was how much next year will be greater knowing my little family will be together.

His tambourine

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Hope 2011 brings you all good health and good wealth and happiness too!
My New Years Resolutions are : to be healthier and to try hard not to complain.



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