Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Keep Swimming!

This week is all about the letter O. So for the past two days we have been working on the 'O'cean! Last week we ventured out to a nearby town t the Dollar store. Only, this store has other items for more than a dollar as well. I love going down every aisle and always spend the most time in the craft aisle. Well walking down the book aisle I came across a Scholastic ocean book. It came with a wipe-off type marker and four little ocean friends. The book was marked $3.50 and decided heck why not. This book has been a new favorite and I believe that money was WELL spent on this book. In the book has pages about different animals, a page asking what do you see. Then the last bunch of pages you use your marker. There is a whole sheet of stickers and two side by side pages of an empty ocean for you to put the stickers. Colton knows all the animals and what colors they are. The hard one or thought was hard was pointing to the hammer-head shark, he pointed to it. Why I am impressed is because we have never really showed Colton a specific shark, just shark is what we say.
Another activity was taking a plastic tub putting some shells and adding the animals the book gave and letting Colton have fun with using senses and his imagination. We pretended we were at the beach, okay maybe I did. I thought about being in Hawaii. I told him all about it, since he was in my tummy for a good portion of the time my husband and I were there together. He played with it for about an hour then he napped and had fun with it when he woke up. Then I got out his paint with water book and there was a dolphin and a clam picture so Colton had some fun with that as well.
Since yesterday he had so much fun we continued today and made an octopus, athough it looks more like a creepy voodoo type of thing. I was out of tissue paper and that is what was missing. Colton liked it so I guess that is all that counts. The tub was yet again played with and tonight here soon we will be watching a favorite-Finding Nemo! You just can't learn about the ocean without watching Nemo! Here are some pictures of our fun!

This is worth every penny!

Ocean learning tub
Discovering and of course had to wear his Ocean shirt too!
he put all the stickers on
Doing some magic painting
The goofy octopus
That was our fun two days. Now it is time to make some popcorn and put in Nemo! Hope you had a great day with your Rays of Sunshin like I did!



How fun! What a neat way to cover the alphabet and learn new things.

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