Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have been sick for the past three days! It is deciding to leave, well I think at least. The runny nose is gone so now i have a cough with mucous stuff. Sorry for the extra info. Have I mentioned how much I am tired of winter?! Well, let me say it again. I AM TIRED OF THE WINTER! Today looks so warm from the inside because the sun is beaming so bright but once you step one foot out the door you instantly get chills up your spine. How do I know? Well, my friends I had to run errands this afternoon. I went to the gas station and to Family Dollar. I always find something I think I Colton can't live without. Today it was a giant Toy Story spiral coloring book with different pages on the inside that look almost like a comic book you color plus it came with a bunch of markers too. I also happened to stumble on a small pocket Toy Story magic doodle. I bought it thinking how great it would be for the very long and herendous car ride we will have soon. I was sad thought because I expected there to be some Valentine crafts we could do and there was not one thing, not even sprinkles. I did find a caddy to use for $1 for some art supplies.
So, as most of you know I am a military wife. An Army Wife to be exact. My husband is currently deployed and on his way home soon! I can't express how much I can't wait to be reunited with him again. We will be going back to Ft.Campbell to finish his time in the service. He will b all done March,2012! I have never been so big on holidays so this year I for sure want to bring them in with more of a bang. I have noticed with Colton every year seems to get better than the one before. So I hope the 1st holiday spent as a family is Valentine's Day, but if not we will just have to make our own official day to celebrate every year.

Why do we have to celebrate on that day to express your love when you should express it everyday? Have a happy Sunday and hope everyone had a great weekend! Ths week I have A LOT of fun planned so keep checking in!


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