Monday, January 17, 2011


I am on a winning streak! I LOVE it! I haven't won much in my life, but winning a giveaway on someone's blog is pretty awesome! This morning after Colton let me sleep in I checked my email and in it was an email telling me I won a $20 CSN code. WOOHOO! Well, I wasn't going to use it until after we moved, but really dug through the store. I haven't heard of it until a few blogs I follow. So I wanted to learn more and see what kinds of deals they have and really go through what they carry. Okay, so Colton has been OBSESSED with the kid k'nex I won from a blog ( I did a review on PP). So I was looking to see what sets they had and how much they ran and all that. Well, Colton is also obsessed with trains. Of course k'nex HAD to have a railway set. Marked 19.99 AND get this...FREE SHIPPING!!! I am ECSTATIC! I was originally going to order a birdhouse to paint and put together for the boys to bond, but heck they can bond over K'NEX!
So, hats off to Lots of fun with my FaMiLy!!!! So, now go visit her and follow her. She has a great blog and such cute kids!


Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy

I am so happy you found such a great deal! K'nex look like a ton of fu'n, I'm sure the boys will have no trouble bonding what so ever ;)

Thanks for the shout out!

Congrats again,

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