Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'N'UMBER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-2-3, count with me!

This week has been dedicated to learning the letter N. Well, in the strong part of winter there isn't much we can do tht begins with N. So today we filled the day learning numbers! Colton is not a verbal child in the sense of saying actual words, but he understands everything and knows what everything is around him. He makes noises to what the animals and cars/trains make and loves to sing and dance! On my side today I tried really hard to get him to say the numbers and he did to a certain extent so that wasa definite improvement. But oh my! He impressed me by recognizing most of the numbers and matching them up! We work on matching often but hasn't been really introduced to numbers. I was so impressed and shell shocked, none the less.
Our first activity of the day was a Number Tree. I drew a tree on a sheet of construction paper with branches. On a seperate sheet I cut up small squares and wrote the numbers 1-10 on the squares and had Colton glue them on. I asked him "Find the number _" and sometimes he'd find it but others I helped him find and he would glue on whatever branch he wanted. For a child 1 1/2 I believe he did an insanely awesome job finding the numbers.

After he glued them on i asked him to find certain numbers, here he is pointing to number 1!

Here is the Number Tree! I am liking the 'flowers' lol
Our second activity was this number game of distinguishing a number and matching the symbol. I found the idea No Time for Flashcards I LOVE this blog!! Anyways, I copied it just because in our house stars are a big hit! this was definitely harder for him, but something I will keep getting out periodically as a tool for learning and will also be laminating it. He didn;t do too bad finding the smaller numbers like 1-5 tho!

Again with number 1

Our third activity was an inspired Montessori activity. I wrote 1-10 on a sheet of contruction paper seperated by lines(crooked ones too) and gave him some foam baseballs for counting. the point was to put the number of balls under the number. He again did an amazing job this too. I counted and when he heard the correct number he stopped adding balls. It was definitely cute.

As you can see I didn't use a ruler, it is very sloppy.

Here it shows 2 balls where the number 2 is, defintely proud!
And our last activity is a number matching game I made a few months ago back when I started this blog. I bought foam letters and in the package was numbers so I made a number matching game. Both games have been a huge hit in the house, but the numbers are easier for him and he succeeded this afternoon too! I made it with the Cricut by cutting squares out to glue on the foam numbers. I did the same for the alphabet as well. Instead of on paper I used card stock.
Bad picture, but it shows him looking for the number 2. Simple,easy,and fun too!
So that was a numberific day!! He had a lot of fun as did I. He surprises me with stuff he already knows and I don't know where he learned it because I am with him all day everyday. Colton may not be able to say a lot of words like others his age, but he sure exceeds in others. Definitely shows how each child and person is different and how unique we all are.
Hope you use these ideas with your children!


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