Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Sunny Sunday!

Today was another great day filled with more snow fun, working out, and trying out WATER COLORS! Wow i haven't water-colored since high school. Well, this time around was for sure different but so exciting see Colton use them and create was a lot of fun! Of course with all the snow we have accumulated and after coming in from another round of fun outside decided to cut up some snowflakes from coffee filters! Yep, I have seen this idea EVERYWHERE in the blog world. Of course I had to create two so I could join the fun. I just bought a simple Crayola set and oh my goodness they work fantastic. I never liked them when I was in grade school, but I think it was because I wasn't using enough water. He did awesome with dipping the brush in the water too. No spills, no messes. I even put his Melissa and Doug art smock on him and did not have to clean it up. Maybe that is a cue to me that he is just growing too fast. A lot of products say 3+, but in my opinion you can't always go off of that. Plus, who wouldn't love to supervise or even join in with this? Now here are some pictures of our fun!

Maybe he is both right and left handed....hmm
Colton's colorful snowflake
Momma's snowflake

If you try this or need more instructions let me know! I will be MORE than willing to! We will for sure be doing this again making more to fill our front glass door letting the sun shine through with all the colors of the rainbow!


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