Friday, January 21, 2011


Learning about owls was on the agenda in addition to out ocean learning this week. I also added in learning orange and olives yesterday and today and well all this week but owls and ocean were the big hits and more fun planned.
As you know I plan painting on bath nights. So many months ago I found a really cute idea making our own owls. I cute out an owl looking body,feet, glued on googly eyes and painted Colton's hands one at a time for the owls wings. I found the idea at Meet the Dubiens. Here is Colton's version of an owl:

I will be framing this for sure!
Another fun craft was using those toilet paper tubes I have been saving for a fun craft. Since I knew Colton would want to help and this was something I thought was too complicated for him I did this while he napped as a surprise. I used 5 tubes and cut them in different sizes. I then painted them in fun bright colors. I then superglued googly eyes on them, glued a nose on them, and then drew and cut wings on them as well. The most important step was folding the top of the tube down and taping it to create ears. I found the idea at Frugal Family Fun. Colton has been 'hooting' and playing with these everyday! Here is my version:

I just LOVE them!

Colton already talking and pretending!
I am sure by now all of you are getting tired hearing about the magic painting. The book that you 'paint' with water and color appears. Of course there just had to be an owl in the book! I chose to have Colton paint in the evening when cartoons disappeared.

So that was our owl fun. Add in some oranges, olives, and the color orange and that was our week. This week was a lot of fun and planned to perfection! Definitely a successful week! Hope you all had fun as well. Have a great weekend! What does everyone have planned?


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