Tuesday, January 11, 2011


All this snow everyone is getting is what we are getting this evening. I wanted to have a playdate with a friend of mine and her daughter but decided not to because I was worried about the weather. Well, I should not have worried so much because the snow and all that didn't hit until this evening. So, instead Colton and I went to a town over to go to an amazing Dollar Store. I am not ashamed to admit I shop there as some might. Especially when this one is so nice. There are so many crafting items for kids that I just love! Plus, they sell items from other stores like Walmart,Target and so on. I bought a 200pc construction paper set for future crafts and such for the future. I also bought a Valentines coloring book, some candies, and a peek a boo Looney Toon Valentine book. Plus, my favorite was a Mickey Mouse sticker book and tons of stickers for $1.50!!

Plus, the album is on the smaller side and there are two stickers left over that were too large to add in. So I saved them for a future craft or something we can use them on.
So the next time you pass by a Dollar Store and think well I defintely won't find anything good in there you would be surprised to find MANY things you like and may not need but will buy anyways! I always step foot in a Dollar Store and spend AT LEAST $5.00; my husband applauds me when I spend that amount in there.

What can you not live without when you go to a Dollar Store?



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