Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dropps Review

In December I won my very first giveaway. It was sent in the mail along with coupons. I was planning on waiting to use them once we moved and was settled in a house. But since the new year told e to start cloth diapering and wanted to try the Dropps out. The Dropps look like the cascade pacs for the dishwasher. The Dropp is a small pack filled with laundry detergent. All yu do is throw it in. The reason I decided to use them on cloth diapers was because I wanted to see how strong they were. I was sent 1pkg for 42 loads along with coupons. These are on the pricier side, but heck my cloth diapers came out looking like new! I am IMPRESSED! There was NO trace of the brown stuff. When I won I was given the opportunity to choose what sscent I wanted. I chose Fresh Scent. the scent isn't strong and that is the only downfall because I love the scent of fresh laundry. But in the end when I do NOT have to pretreat ( I really wanted to put them to the test) and the cloth diapers are like brand new I don't care that the scent isn't strong and I WILL be using the coupons!

That is one powerful little packet!

Side 1...

Side 2

This review is my own words. The Dropps company did not contact me in regards to this review. I was not paid and the pictures are mine. The pictures were taken in my home. The company did not tell me what to say. This is an unpaid review.



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Hmmm, I wonder f Dropps are available in Canada???

**Ashley P**

Deanna, i found this link that may help
It is a list of places online that they carry them and there is also a store locator. Hope this helps!

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