Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Numberific day!

Today we continued with new number activities as well as made a nest and bird family. Another cold day and I just couldn't see taking Colton out to catch a cold or something more. While Colton napped I made some new fun activities.
My lovely husband bought a set of alphabet and number cookie cutters a couple months ago, but we haven't used them but once to make cookies. Mainly we have painted with them and used them as stencils. Cookie cutters you can find them there. I must say, they are worth it to us.
Our first activity I set out to make was tracing the numbers 0-9 on a sheet of construction paper and cutting them out. Then on a seperate sheet I traced them again and colored them in with the same color I used to cut the others out. Then Colton's job was to match them in correct spot. Definitely fun and another activity I will need to set out to laminate!

Simple and fun! He really liked this and kept him busy for a good while.
The next activity was covering a sheet of paper in the letter N I traced from one of the cookie cutters. I cut out some weird looking birds two blue and one red (daddy and Colton are blue and I am red). Then cut strips of brown to make a nest. I let colton color the paper and glue the family of birds and create a nest. We talked about birds and nests and the letter N as well.

The last activity involved the smaller set of number cookie cutters and playdough. Colton enjoyed this the most. Of course I did too! We played with this for at least a 1/2 hour. Playdough is a huge hit in our house. I haven't spent money on the strore bought kind just because I love making it and it lasts a lot longer.

This also smells amazing

I just love his little hand here

All in all we enjoyed more learning and tomorrow starts the weekend for us. We always take breaks from Friday-Sunday. But I have some exciting fun planned for this weekend. My Rays of Sunshine was overflowing with brightness and a glow that made my heart full today; how was your day?



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