Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a Day!

Woke up at 9am to feel ambitious. I am currently living with my parents in Michigan while my husband,Josh is deployed. So this morning I decided to decorate the house for Christmas. So after breakfast and getting Colton settled I tackled the decorating. I love it actually because I have fun and think as I do it. My grandmother died almost five years ago and she had the Dickens Village. As a child growing up I loved helping her every year put it up and since she has passed, my mom has only set it up once. So I took it upon myself it was overdue. It looks awesome and am really proud of my work. I guess the couple years doing displays in retail paid off. As for the tree since it is artificial and a large one at that it takes a while to put together, it is one of those branch by ranch kind...but in the end it looks real and full. I am not a big fan of a skinny tree that you see so much of the ground, to me those look fake. I do miss the smell of a real tree and the work it takes cutting it down and hearing the man complain. But it is put up and my mom was home just as the last branch was being put in. She wants clear lights on it this tree and I must admit so do I, so until she goes to buy some the tree will just be a tree. Colton woke up from his nap a while later and had no idea what was going on. He stood staring at all the decorations in every room of the house. Even the room we stay in I have decorated as well, I am sure he is in awe and so blessed. My guess is Christmas is his favorite time of the year just because of all the lights and the same reaction on his face for the 2nd year in a row. I miss my husband and can't imagine how he must feel without us where he is, but I have to move on and make every holiday a joyous one for Colton. I have lived this year suck it up and cry later. At night is when I do my breakdowns and I try to keep as busy as I can so I can stay strong for Colton.
Tomorrow I am planning to enjoy a day out with Colton. Like a mommy and Colton day, we both need and deserve it after a busy holiday weekend and a few weeks of not going anywhere. So my posts tomorrow may be late. I hope your weekend was a great one and for those that work, I hope you enjoy your day back. As for the SAHM's, I hope you enjoy your Monday!
As for me, I will be enjoying a day out on the town with my sunshine!


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