Monday, November 22, 2010

"I" is for Ice!

So today began the letter 'I' for the week. I decided to do some fun things with ice. ice can be a very fun thing! I read somewhere and can't for the life of me remember where I saw this at so please forgive me for that. But our 1st thing we did was put a bunch of ice in a bowl and pour salt on it then use Neon food coloring and watch what happens! You HAVE to use the Neon kind because of what it makes the ice looks like. It is so pretty seeing it become an iridescent wonder! Colton loved pouring the salt on and also watching the ice become really shiny! My favorite was hearing him say ice his cute little voice melts my heart. It is all about little joys isn't it? Another fun thing we did was after bath time, I should have remembered to do it before but hey sometimes a mommy gets busy. I had a genius idea to fill an ice cube tray with water to make more ice cubes but add food coloring to it and freeze it and then use the ice to paint with! Colton had fun and I even had to dig in and try it it was a lot of fun and my mom and brother even were amazed. I can't believe I thought of this! Here are some pictures of our "I" day!
Touching and playing with the ice.
Add the melts so quick! Colton said OOOO!
Look how pretty!
It is like a cheap version of water colors!
Hope you have fun, I know we did!


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