Friday, November 26, 2010

Just a tad...lazy

So with all the crazy night of me staying up late online to shop at Toys r us and then waking up in a rush to throw on clothes and head out the door for the craft show in town and then coming home and feeling oh so LAZY...decided to take a break and just enjoy it. So tomorrow I will do what was suppose to be done today. I have another "I" craft that I just can;t help but make to show you all and then figuring out something on my list of what Colton and I should do for a day of Christmas. I hope you ladies all made it safely home and if heading out in the mess I hope you all stay safe! I stayed home in my comfy clothes and ordered online, I find it much easier and less stressful...although next yr may be a different story since the husband will be home and such. And those that missed out there are still all the sales still going on at Toys r us. The only problem I am having is the addiction to stop, how do you tell yourself to stop? I have not bought anything more but I can't help keep searching thinking I missed something. Sad, I know!
So what good deals did you all snag? My best deal was the Tag jr for 17.99! Really excited because Colton LOVES to read and back in the summer I signed up for a free book for it.
Stay warm and a good night for a Christmas movie and hot cocoa!!


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