Thursday, November 18, 2010

Websites to get you in the spirit!

Ok, so as the Holidays come and move in closer and everyone is sprantic; I thought of putting up a few websites worth checking out. Some may be common, but not everyone knows these offers or such.AMAZON DOWNLOAD 
Ok the above in purple is the link to this Amazon download. Colton loves Veggie tales as do I, hey they are funny don't make fun. Anyways, it is a Christmas mp3 download of their Christmas album. The cd is priced as 9.97 so being free is great!
I happen to LOVE cafemom and if you don't know what site this is please go and join. I have made friends, learned a lot, and also got so many great ideas about everything including hobbies and life. So the other day I was in one of my groups I am part of and a member mentioned a website. CLICK HERE that website has everything Christmas. Music,recipes,crafts,and ideas. It is a site worth looking at!
I also mentioned in a past post about the Barnes and Noble kids club. Well, it is free and amazing already! Two days after signing up I received an email with a 30% off coupon for any kids item! So of course I used it on one of Colton's larger Christmas gifts. Barnes and Noble sells more than just books and movies. They have toys(Thomas,Melissa and Doug,Lego etc.) Plus, they also have online story time! CLICK HERE and it will be at the bottom left!
Another site is  CLICK HERE it is Family christian store. Why it is a great site is because right now at this moment the Fisher Price Nativity Set is on sale! It normally is 39.97 and is on sale for 29.97. BUT it can get cheaper! I am a follower of CLICK HERE this blog and that too is a great site and where I found out the sale on this item I have searched high and low for! It gets better! At checkout enter code 122526301 this code lasts until Nov.21 and this fisher price nativity is what I wanted, but there is so many other items on this site as well.
Also, keep up on the blog and tell all your friends. Something that I have had in the works for a couple months now will start its unveil! Hope you enjoy the sites and let me know what your favorites are! Enjoy your sunshine!


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