Sunday, November 21, 2010


What a VERY cold day here in Michigan. I have been bundled in my sweats and a blanket; curled up to my little boy and movies. I am going to make some hot cocoa later too! I buy boxes of that stuff throughout the year just because there are those summer days where you wish it was cold and snuggly. No one said that there was a law against buying hot cocoa in the summer right? I would like to try my hand at homemade because it sounds very easy but every time I go to the grocery store or running errands I always have that feeling I forgot something and sure enough when I come home I forgot to get the ingredients.  I am excited for the 25 days of Christmas movies on the ABC Family channel! They start tonight and I am SO excited I try to watch them all. Last year I missed many of them because my husband and I were packing to move me and Colton here while husband deployed. Speaking of which, I can't believe it has almost been a year since we have packed and moved here; which means his deployment is coming to an end! WOO HOO!
I am however, excited for this week because I have some great crafts planned! So there is LOTS in store for you readers. I love the feeling that there is people actually reading my words and possibly using my ideas or the passed on crafts I have done so far. So I thank you to you readers and i hope you pass my blog on to yur fellow friends, I would like to have 25 followers and am thinking when I reach that point to give a gift card to a lucky reader.
I am enjoying my rays of sunshine on this very cold day and I hope you are all too! What are your favorite things to do when it's cold?



Great blog!!! I have enjoyed reading some of your entries!! I'll definatly be back!!! Hope you can find sometime to stop by mine sometime!!

**Ashley P**

Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback! I WILL be stopping by!

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