Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homemade Christmas 'cookie' ornaments!

So in the previous post I showed you Colton and I's salt dough hand print craft. I had a very genius idea to make ornaments. Well, what better way to make them than actual Christmas cookie cutters! I also wanted to personalize them, just to experiment first then if they turn out to make more and use different cookie cutters.

The salt dough idea came from The Imagination Tree blog. This blog is worth going to if you get a chance.The recipe is 1c flour, 1c salt, and 1/2c water. You will also need to add 1/2c more flour since it will be sticky and too gooey. Stir ingredients and knead a bit and roll out to whatever shape. When you decide what you will bake put on cookie sheet and in oven at 325F for 2 hours or you can sit out for a few days. I baked them for 1 1/2 and left sit out for a few days.    

What I also noticed was that they got real puffy so I took a tooth pick and poked a few holes inside to let the air out creating ventilation. I also read in my research that if you add glue to your paint it makes a forsting like affect. I used a straw to make a hole in top to hang and glitter glue for names and accents. In a few days after the paint sets more and dries 100% I will coat these with polyurathane(sp).
So here is the first batch.

I will be making more but instead of Santa hats, other cookie cutters. Hope you enjoy this and please comment or email me if you decide to do this because I'd like to see what you all create!


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