Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

So yesterday was Veterans Day and had such a busy day I wasn't able to post. My husband is in the Army. I am not going into how we met and all that, that will be saved for a different post. Josh has been in for 5 years or more. I believe it will be 6 for him this March. Well he is currently serving his 2nd tour. the 1st was in Iraq for 15 months and this one is in Afghanistan. The 1st as a family and married couple. So this one is the worst and harder on me than ever before. Being strong until I go to bed is my only way.
I am a proud wife of my soldier and have so much more patriotism because of the life I live now. I have grown more understanding and care for the families of the Military. My life for this year has been emails and occasional phone calls. I instill in our son everyday how much his daddy loves him and how much he is doing for everyone in the USA. He wore his 'daddy is my hero' shirt yesterday so proud and we said the Pledge of Allegiance numerous times and made a flag as a craft. Because yesterday 'G' was for gratitude.
 Colton really enjoyed making this craft. I cut the stars and drew lines and of course wrote the saying. but he glued everything and colored. I did show him the spots to glue.
From my family to yours, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!


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