Monday, November 29, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 7!

GIRLS! I haven't been blessed with a girl yet, but maybe someday. Colton's Godparents has a little girl and she is 3 1/2. Well, I love girls and am one at heart but looking for something to buy them can sometimes be hard to try not be duplicating someone else. So, I stumbled upon an idea to make play makeup! The makeup for little girls is the real stuff and am not a fan and the mother isn't as well, so I bought different cosmetics for us ladies and did my own for her. HERE is where I got the idea. Like her, for the case to hold it all I found a different type of a metal tin that worked for the cute little girl. I added some other girly goodies too.
Unfortunately I didn't take step by step pictures because my camera was in my room where Colton was napping. but the process is EASY  and ANYONE can do this. So pay attention!
1. Buy or little girls I went to the Dollar general and found eyeshadow,powder,and blush. Or you can reuse your old makeup you might be throwing away.
2. Buy nailpolish or use some that you may not be using anymore. I bought some crazy colors and also chose a french manicure set for the one color was a more realistic feel for powder foundation. I also bought a couple extra brushes for a dollar.
3. Take it home, and pop out the makeout somehow. I used a steak knife to get the old out.
4. Wash and dry the cases thoroughly!
5. Pour in your nailpolish; make sure as you do so not to empty the mixing bead out. Fill the little makeup stuff to top.
6. Leave it open and in a well ventilated room to dry for 24 hrs! This is a must!
7. Suggestion is leaving it open to air dry for a week so the fumes can be gone.
Doesn't it look real!?
2 eye shadow sets...a girl needs options!
 So, how do you all like that?! I think it makes for an AMAZING gift and no worries about letting your little girl do as she pleases because she or her room won't be a complete mess when she plays!
Hope you all enjoyed this day of Christmas!



Love this !!!

**Ashley P**

Thank you! SUPER EASY!!!!

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