Friday, November 5, 2010

A FULL day of crafts!

Well this whole week has been a very busy one! Lots of errands and working on getting the truck fixed. I take too many things for granted and the most important one is my husband for sure! Ok, so yesterday while truck was having the heat fixed Colton and i were stuck at home and I decided it would be perfect to do some new and exciting crafts. Especially since letter g is on hold til next week. The above pictures are the first craft we did. I found it on the Family Fun website. Just instead of medicine droppers I used the nose sucky things for babies. Yes they were clean.

So these three pictures show another craft we tackled. We made salt dough hand prints. Colton had a blast pouring ingredients and stirring. Nothing better though was rolling it out and making his hand prints. We will continue making these and also some other ideas I have in the works! These will be painted and finished soon, I will update the finished product so stay tuned!



Oh i saw the Salt Dough a few weeks back on a blog and wanted to do it and I forgot all about it. What are you planing to do with his? Are you going to let him paint it?

**Ashley P**

Yes he will paint them the way he wants and we will give them to my parents,MIL,his Godparents, and 1 for us. Then buy xmas ribbon and tie so they can hang them.


Aw what a great idea. I bet they will love it.

**Ashley P**

I am sure they will. What will or do u have planned for them?

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