Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Josh and I met online. Not on a love matching site,but a yahoo chat room. One night my best friend ( now ex friend) decided to go into a chat room because we were both very bored college students. So we went in one and decided it was lame and got out and just chatted. All of a sudden I get a pm from Josh and we just talked. I asked him everything...found out he is in the Army, living in Hawaii, single, described himself and sounded quite hot. I thought to myself that I had to have him! We continue talking online for a month and we find out our likes and dislikes and so much about each other, I couldn't help but crush on him. I asked him for his number and said he doesn't give it out, I laughed and gave him mine, yeah maybe I shouldn't have but there is such a thing as changing your number. I just felt a strong connection with him and had to hear his voice so he called me and we talked for 4 hours! Yes, a boy talked on the phone for 4 hours straight. It was awesome and from there on our friendship bloomed even more. We continued this until about July and all of a sudden I received nothing from him and no answer from his phone. Come to find out he was deployed to Iraq. So there bloomed our emailing. We emailed everyday and had so much to say. I forgot to mention one of the conversations on the phone he said I love you and we both established we wouldn't do anything with someone else until we met. This was easy for me  and never once thought we would meet. So between emailing and sending a care package every month to him we met in October. Yes, in person and he drove here. He stayed 3 days and we fell even more in love. We had our 1st kiss and my 1st ever kiss. He was 21 and I was 19. He left and there went more emails and so on. Josh proposed that December 31st exactly. He proposed online through email and it was romantic and sweet to me. Of course I said yes without a doubt. That was the extension on his deployment so he was there 15 months! UGHHH Meanwhile I was planning our wedding and decided to get married when he got back.
We were married November 30,2007 and one of the best days of my life! I remember every moment  and everything that happened. I will never forget it. Looking in the mirror seeing me in my dress all done up turning around and thinking this cant be me, someone must be joking. Walking down the aisle I looked Josh in the eyes and seen so much love pour out of him. The room became just him and I and everyone else seemed to vanish. I married the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with with only 3 days of meeting in person. I wouldn't change a thing and love how everything happened and would not or never change a thing. Love is different for everyone and the feelings Josh and I share is so beyond love. I have no idea what is beyond it but I sure feel it.
This year we are not together but I feel him with me in my heart and it is so full today. We shared a very giggly(mostly on my end) conversation over the phone and the goosebumps and fireworks seemed to be going off. I love that man and am the luckiest woman in the world. 3 years today and am excited to see what the rest bring. I love him more everyday.


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