Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shopping reviews...

I LOVE shopping and enjoy it. I buy new makeup every couple months and throw away the old no matter how much has been used. Mascara is one of those love/hate relationships. I found some AMAZING mascara by Maybelline, it is called falsies. It makes your eyelashes full and seperate and doesn't clump. I also love deals, but when I come across something that is amazing it doesn't matter much and this mascara is one of those things. Another fun shopping experience was tonight with my son at the outlet mall. If you have one near you, you are in luck. Better yet, if there is a Columbia outlet store you are by far in more luck than one can handle. I was in need of a winter jacket for this winter so I can go out and play in the snow with my favorite little boy. Columbia jackets are not cheap. Unless of course you come across an outlet store. The one I bought was marked 200,then 99 and I paid 89!! I am also plus size, so this is AMAZING for a winter coat!
One last pointer is to check your receipts no matter where you shop because MANY stores at the bottom of the receipt has a way for you to save so much percent off on your next purchase; many have you go online to take a survey and it IS legit and worth it! Trust me!
Enjoy shopping and let me know how you make out!


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