Monday, November 22, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 2!!!

Today has been busy, but I have not forgot about the 2nd day of Christmas. Today Colton and I; well mostly me worked on some ornaments. I bought 2 boxes of clear glass ornaments and poured paint in,shook and let it dip in plastic cups. Then painted one of Colton's hands white and put it on the ornament...waited for it to dry and got out some Sharpies and made the fingers into snowmen. The idea came from an ornament my brother made years ago in school. I wanted to use that idea but add a wow factor. The hand print I was going to leave plain until THIS idea on this blog I came across. But I wanted the whole hand instead of their idea. I also added Colton's name and year on bottom(palm).
What you will need!
I love how these ones turned out! Colton chose the orange, so i decided to add another for daddy too!
I really love these! I am very excited to see people's reactions when they open these. I am also adding a poem to them!
So that concludes the 2nd day of Christmas! Come back tomorrow and see what it will bring!



Oh I am sooooo doing this!!!! What a fantastic idea!!!!!!!! Where did you get the clear ornaments at?

**Ashley P**

I bought them at a local store, not a franchise here in my town. But I am sure you can find them at a craft store or possibly a department store. These were FUN to make and I was impressed with how the end result looked!

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