Monday, November 8, 2010

My new love...

Is FELT! I am NOT a sewer,knitter,crocheter. But I craft in other ways and have been doing some major looking around. I have always wanted to make a felt board for Colton but then pushed it away and done other things because I either forgot or was working on something else. Well a few days ago I was shopping in a local store that sells bits of everything. Well in all the times I have been in there I have never seen the felt they have. Well I got 2 of almost every color and left out a few of girl colors. I cut out numbers, a few animals,shapes,and some borders,along with a few other extras. I have just started this and hope to be almost completed by Christmas. I will always add plenty more to it as time goes on and brain moves. For the board I will be recycling a cork board. I will measure it and glue or staple flannel to it. On the back side I will spray either chalkboard paint or a magnetic paint. When I semi-finish I will update! Thanks to my Cricut my husband bought me, I was able to cut shapes and animals and borders for the numbers I used number cookie cutters.

The grey hippo looks hideous lol The cat is my favorite and once I get different colored sharpies I can do accents on the animal house and other items.
My all time favorite is the sunshine of course! It looks almost like a star and I know that once that sunshine is on the board the rays will be bright!


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