Friday, November 19, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 1!

I am starting 25 of Christmas. My own version and lots of crafts and fun! This took time to think of what to do, plan, and buy so I hope you all enjoy as we will here at the house. Most that is planned is kid friendly as well. Anything homemade on my list is at the top and love creating because everyone has their own imagination and it is fun watching a child create  and using senses as well.
Day 1- PLAY DOUGH! We love play dough here and the home made kind  is WAY cheaper and lasts longer and the possibilities are ENDLESS! I decided to do 3 kinds...yes, I said 3. Christmas has many scents and I want to start the season by introducing them to Colton to get his senses going. In the previous post I mentioned the free download of the Veggie Tale Christmas album. While we were pouring and mixing and creating these play doughs we listened. Colton stopped every now and again to dance. I researched these play doughs and the recipes are everywhere so I can not find where I found the recipes because I honestly just googled it.
The ingredients for all 3 play doughs.
2c water  2c flour   1c salt   4tsp cream of tartar   4tbs veg.oil   4tbs peppermint extract(1 bottle)  glitter(optional) It looks better with glitter, I used red for a peppermint look :)
Mix all ingredients in heavy saucepan. Cook over med.heat. Stir CONSTANT with a wooden spoon(you don't need to use a wooden spoon I never did) until mix thickens and pulls away from the sides of the pan and forms into a ball. Take out and sprinkle with glitter! SMELLS YUMMY!
When you add the glitter and knead it in it DOES NOT come out anywhere when you play!
1 1/4c flour  1/2c cocoa powder  1/2c salt  1/2tbs cream of tartar  1 1/2 tbs veg.oil   1c water
Mix dry ingredients in med. pot. Add wet ingredients over low heat until ball forms. Remove from pot and knead by hand until smooth and evenly colored. (warning, when i was kneading this seemed dry for some reason but still play worthy)
Use the Chocolate play dough recipe but instead of cocoa you use 1/2tsp all spice  1/2tsp nutmeg  1tsp ginger  Since these spices run expensive I went to  the Dollar store and bought cheap versions and am not sure what a 1/2 tsp is but I guessed and so it didn't smell like I thought, but I think it is right because in a honesty I have never smelled or tasted anything gingerbread. Although the play dough looks funny and it may be the cheap spices. However, it smells ok and it is something to add to a sensory list!
It doesn't matter how something looks or smells because my child will play with it. I actually like how you can see all the spices in this one :)
Don't forget that when it gets done cooling to store in airtight containers! These make great stocking stuffers and the recipes make a lot so you can do half of what they call for.
This is not all of it, the rest is in ziploc bags.
So day 1 was a hit in my opinion. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned. I will continue the days on Monday!
My Sunshine was burning bright today and hope yours was too!



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Love these :) I am making playdough for all the kids on the xmas list this year, adding xmas scents will be even better

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